Submarine-project 941 heavy strategic missile undersea cruiser "Typhoon"

typhoon submarine

Designed to deliver nuclear-missile blows at great ranges on large military-industrial installations and naval bases. The submarine carries RSM-52 long range, three-stage solid-propellant ballistic missiles. The submarine is multi-hulled design. There are five inner habitable hulls inside a light superstructure with sound-absorbing coating, including the two main hulls. They are arranged parallel to each other and symmetrically to a centerplane. The twenty ballistic missiles are accomodated in silos arranged in two rows in front of the sail between the main hulls. The torpedo room is arranged in rge upper part of the bow between the hulls.
The officers are accomodated in comfortable double-berthed and four-berthed cabins with wash-stands, TV sets and air conditioners while the seamen are accomodated in small cozy bunk rooms. The submarine also features a gymnasium, solarium, swimming pool, sauna, pets compartment and other things to enhance habitability.

Basic characteristics

super submarines titans
Displacement, t:
      surfaced 23200
      full load submerged 48000
Principal dimensions, m: 172 x 23.3 x 11
Main machinery nuclear, steam turbine
Main machinery — nuclear, steam turbine (power):
      water reactors, MW 2 x 190
      steam turbines, hp 2 x 50000
      turbogenerators, kW 4 x 3200
      diesel-generators, kW 2 x 800
Propellers 2x7-blade fixed-pitch shrouded
Maximum diving depth, m 400
Full run speed, knots:
      surfaced 12
      submerged 25
Complement 160
Endurance, days 120


Missile weaponry
D-19 missile system. 20 launchers (20 RSM-52 ballistic missiles)
RSM-52 intercontinental ballistic missile
Mines & Torpedoes
4 x 650mm torpedo tubes; 2 x 533mm torpedo tubes
22 antisubmarine missiles and torpedoes
SET-65 electrically-propelled homing torpedo
TEST-71M electrically-propelled wire-guided homing torpedo
Electronic equipment
MGK-500 Automated sonar complex

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